Hikoki / HItachi KC36DGV Multi-volt Package G3610DA 100MM Angle Grinder + DV36DA Impact Drill Combo
Price RM3,960.00
Brand Hikoki
Size (L x W x H) 80 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm
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( DV36DA Cordless Impact Driver )

  1. -Enhanced application versatility
  2. +Able to drill a large hole in siding/ ALC / plywood with a hole saw or self-fee-feed bit
  3. -Significantly prolonged continuous operation time
  4. +Increasing the voltage of the lithium-ion battery from 18V to 36V results in a slower temperature rise of the motor. Even when working continuously, the 36V MULTIVOLT tools are less likely to stop due to overheating than their 18V counterparts.
  5. -Just as compact as 18V tools
  6. +the compact design with 204mm overall length provides excellent handling.

( G3610 Cordless 4" Grinder )


  1. Faster cutting speed
  2. -Handle heavy duty applications with an efficiency impossible with conventional 18v grinder
  3. Increased Overload Capacity
  4. -The motor is so powerful as to keep the rotation speed constant, and it is less likely to become overloaded.
  5. Excellent handling
  6. -Lightweight and compact body with a slim grip and small head offer easy handling and efficient operation.
  7. Variable speed control and Auto mode function
  8. -Variable Speed: Variable speed control allows users to change the rotation speed to between 3,000 and 9,500/min to suit application.
  9. -Auto mode: The speed automatically shifts between high ( 9,500/min ) and low (5,500/min) speed depending on the load, resulting in more effective operation.
  10. High level of safety
  11. -Electronic brake stops the wheel in less than 2sec after the tool is switched off. This allows users to prevent accidents and work much more efficienly.
  12. Extra safety features
  13. -Kickback protection system / Anti-restart protection/ Soft Start / Dust & water-resistant construction.